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  2. Legal Name
  4. This is really, really important to enter correctly. Carefully read all instructions below. You will be unable to release your product via Steam until this name matches all records.
  6. The name you enter below must be the legal entity that owns or has rights to publish the game, software or video ("content") and is the legal entity that will be signing the Steam Distribution Agreement. The legal name you enter here must match the name as written on official documents with your bank and on United States IRS tax documents or foreign tax documents if applicable. You will need to enter this name again as your bank account holder and the legal name associated with a tax payer identification number in the following steps.
  8. If you don’t have a company name and you are the sole owner of your content, please fill in your full name as the Legal Name and your own address as Street Address. If you co-own the content with other individuals, you must form a legal entity to own and receive payments for your content.
  10. The Legal Name here is for internal use. If you have a DBA or 'friendly name' that you wish to show to customers on your store page, you will be able to enter that separately when creating your store page.
  11. Legal Name (As written on bank documents)
  13. Company Form
  15. Company form must match your entity formation documents. An example of what to enter in this box are: "A Quebec limited liability partnership" or "A Washington State corporation" or "A Sole Proprietorship". If you own the content as an individual, indicate "Sole Proprietorship".
  17. Note: We are unable to work with partnerships that exists outside the US, if that partnership is taxed at the individual partner(s) versus the partnership level.
  19. If you have a partnership registered in the United States or if your partnership exists outside the US and the partnership is taxed at the partnership level, then we can support your partnership. However, due to the complexity of obtaining proper tax documentation we cannot enter into a Steam Distribution Agreement with partnerships that exist outside the US, if that partnership is taxed at the individual partner(s) versus the partnership level.
  20. Company Form