Paste #pbpxyn75a

  1. Changelog for default-r0.4.2:274
  2. - Feature: Vintage Air Depots and Air Stations suitable for early games with airships
  3. - Feature: Vintage Commuter airport suitable for early games.
  4. - Feature: Parameter to disable airport fences, optionally dependent on adjacent objects and/or stations; trim some trailing whitespace
  5. - Feature: Small Seaplane Airport
  6. - Feature: Skid mark generation on landing runways as more planes touch down on them
  7. - Change: Split new airport varieties out into their own entries in the airport list.
  8. - Add: nml cache to ignored files
  9. - Codechange: Proper indentation
  10. - Codechange: Split Modern Small off into its own .pnml file
  11. - Fix (215:e1795ca5ac11): Actually use a version for musa/bananas
  12. - Fix: Project URL in bananas.ini was wrong
  13. - Fix: Company Colors were one shade too light in Air Depot and Air Station previews
  14. - Fix: Bump min_compatible_version
  15. - Fix: Forgot to commit the sprite files