Paste #pgov1p9hu

  1. Already available:
  2. Var 62 / other_veh_xyz_offset: Give positional offset from current vehicle to n-th following vehicle.
  3. This can be used to provide diffeent orientations for a vehicle for all combinations of x, y, and z differences.
  5. New OTTD feature: "distribute sprite over multiple articulated parts"
  6. * Articulated part gives sprite and says "span this sprite over this and the next N articulated parts".
  7. * OTTD takes the sprite, and draws it at the xyz-center between 1st and Nth articulated part.
  8. * Drawing is done by cutting the sprite horizontally/vertically into multiple parts and putting them into the bounding boxes of the single articulated vehicles.
  9. * The latter prevents most clipping with depot, tunnel, foundations, bridges, ...