Paste #pkjfbsgzy

  1. 0.4.0 (tbd)
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. - Feature: Cache position where previous search ended for more speed.
  4. - Feature: Warn about usage of animation and semi-transparent colours, and add spriteset flags to enable/disable the checks. (issue #1085)
  5. - Feature: Improved error position reporting with templated real sprites. Closes #7001
  6. - Change: Convert from Python2 to Python 3.2+
  7. - Change: At least check for isatty when using the funky colour codes in warning output (issue #5411)
  8. - Change: Do not store uncompressed sprites in the sprite cache.
  9. - Change: Use a separate spritecache file for each source image.
  10. - Change: Keep (possibly only temporarily) unused items in the spritecache until they are out-dated for sure.
  11. - Change: Reduce load on stdout by limiting incremental progress output to 1 message per second.
  12. - Change: Store amount of pure-white pixels in the spritecache instead of plain text warnings.
  13. - Change: [devzone] Use gen_editor instead of separate shell scripts for generation of syntax highlighting files
  14. - Change: [devzone] Don't run regressions in parallel to allow other tasks to run concurrently
  15. - Change: [devzone] Also update DevZone when we build tip but call it by its hash
  16. - Change: [devzone] Build the nml_lz77 extension for use by the CF
  17. - Add: Cython acceleration module for GRF compression.
  18. - Add: [devzone] Build and publishing scripts
  19. - Add: Python version of the editor syntax file generators.
  20. - Add: create_effect and effect_spawn_model
  21. - Add: EFFECT_SPRITE_NONE constant for create_effect callback
  22. - Add: support for OTTD_RECOLOUR action5 sprite(s)
  23. - Add: Support for Latin
  24. - Add: Print progress information to interactive terminals.
  25. - Add: Progress output about lang files.
  26. - Add: Print statistics about used Action0 ids.
  27. - Add: Print statistics about used ActionF ids.
  28. - Add: Print statistics about used Spriteset ids.
  29. - Add: Print statistics about used Spritegroup ids.
  30. - Add: Print statistics about temporary Action2 registers.
  31. - Add: Print statistics about temporary ActionD registers and Action10 labels.
  32. - Add: Print statistics about GRF parameters.
  33. - Add: Print statistics about string ids.
  34. - Add: Print statistics about sound effect ids.
  35. - Add: Print statistics about cargo and railtype translation tables.
  36. - Add: Command line option to specify a cache directory.
  37. - Add: Variable to test for enabled wagon speed limits. (issue #6474)
  38. - Add: Command line option to set verbosity level of info output.
  39. - Add: Vebosity level 4 for printing CPU time on processing.
  40. - Add: Real sprites keep list of positions for improved error reporting with templates.
  41. - Add: Collect positions for real sprites through template instantiation.
  42. - Add: Build a position with an include stack from a list positions.
  43. - Fix: Don't fail if there's a .hg directory but no mercurial
  44. - Fix: Don't write parse tables. Closes #4091
  45. - Fix: Printing Unicode characters in NFO was broken. Also added regression for it.
  46. - Fix: Number of vehicles in var 41 is one-based, only var 40 is zero-based.
  47. - Fix: CPP output line directive can have several flags, which caused matching failure.
  48. - Fix: Validate string names for being proper identifiers
  49. - Fix: Patch flags can only be accessed via action 7/9. (issue #6996)
  50. - Fix: Action7/9 bit tests must use varsize 1.
  51. - Fix: Add the output palette to the spritecache key. (issue #6496)
  52. - Fix: Encode sprites sequentially per source image file. (issue #7004)
  53. - Fix: No proper error message was given, if an unreferenced Spritegroup was unable to allocate an id.
  54. - Fix: [devzone] Correctly update NML version so that tests run with the version we actually want to test
  55. - Fix: [devzone] Disable update of NML on unused build node
  56. - Doc: main function, and instance variables of the parser and scanner.
  57. - Doc: RealSprite members
  58. - Doc: Unused return values.
  59. - Doc: instance variables of SpriteAction.
  60. - Remove: Now unused shell scripts for generation of syntax highlighting files