1. 1.8 is coming fast like a train! The first Release Candidate is carrying a load of bug fixes and changes which were really needed to make the game work more consistently (for example now the terrain variety is taken into account when regenerating the map). Some more fixes regard the newgrf random triggers for the industries, and others are just graphic.
  2. The text in the industry windows has been reworded to make it more comprehensible when stockpiling is enabled.
  3. At long last, AI companies should be able to continue their business even when low on capital but highly profitable. As some of them like to live on the edge of the bankruptcy, now the check for bankruptcy is performed before subtracting the recurring monthly costs.
  4. The last, but not least, important wagon brings some features as well, maybe not so big but always welcome: closing windows with right click, tile-wide separators to measure train lengths in depot GUI and other nice things which you could check in the [changelog]

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