Paste #psgacnszl

  1. GRF Spec extension impedance mismatch
  3. In no particular order
  5. * not many devs familiar with grf spec
  6. * so designing and reviewing can be hard
  7. * some of the requests are misguided
  8. * interacting with newgrf authors can involve blah blah politics
  9. * but sometimes multiple misguided requests point the way to one solid spec extension
  10. * nobody writes nfo any more, so very few grf devs actually understand the action0/1/2/3 spec, even less 6/7/9/D
  11. * nml is easy to patch, but the inertia of having both patched openttd and patched nml is high
  12. * maintaining wiki docs without fragmenting wiki docs :(
  13. * getting test grfs is a PITA (see 'nobody writes nfo any more')
  14. * testing some grf features requires savegames, but these break frequently due to openttd / grf changes