Paste #pmivrctnm

  1. Busy Bee
  3. generate up to 5 goals per company at once
  4. show in goals window (ignore story book for now)
  5. player has to clear a goal to get another goal
  6. try and spread types of goals to provide variety (slots?  track existing?  can goal types be classed data structures?)
  7. cargo goals
  8. always ignore ENSP and FMSP, assume that interfering with those is unwise
  9. pairs
  10. find a source / destination pair for a cargo, and a plausible amount x for delivery
  11. long and short distances
  12. delivery
  13. deliver amount x to a destination from any source
  14. collection
  15. collect amount x and deliver to any source (enforce delivery, no piglet cheating)
  16. fund industry goals